SRI THYAGA BRAHMA GANA SABHA as it is otherwise called "VANIMAHAL" meaning the abode of Saraswathi is one of the oldest and most popular Sabha promotes traditional music drama and breathes new life into the art of religious discourse or "Harikatha".

SRI THYAGA BRAHMA GANA SABHA is a favorite among both rasikas and artistes who vie for opportunities to showcase their talent in the prestigious sabha. Regular music, dance and drama programs are conducted throughout the year and these are well-attended by both the members of the Sabha as well as the general public.

Vani Mahal is a landmark known to every Chennaiite. The December season pulls in even more crowds with sterling performances from all artistes. The birudhu “Vani Kala Sudhakara” is awarded to dedicated performers who have made their mark in the realms of music, dance and drama.
Isai Iayal Nataka Vizha-2008 Halls Availability
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